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Scott Day:

Married since 1993 to my wonderful wife Ellie, father of 2 and stepfather of 3. I have much to praise God for.

I was born and raised in the Frederick, Maryland area to an extremely musical family. Whether it was the church choir or the local community marching band, if your name was Day you did something musical.

But after committing my life to Jesus in 1973 my love for music took a different course. I spent the 70’s, 80’s and some of the 90’s playing in two Christian rock bands (Starlight and Sojourner) as well as playing bass guitar on a few church worship teams. Then in 1997 I became the Worship Leader at the Frederick Worship Center in Frederick, MD and that’s where I found my true purpose in life. I have discovered that I love to offer up my feeble talents to God in worship and to see Him move and touch people’s lives. I love worshipping God with all my heart, soul and strength. There’s nothing better than when His presence fills a room. I’ve sat in rooms so thick with God’s presence that I could do nothing but sit in peaceful silence. And I have a passionate desire to operate in God’s calling on my life to lead God’s people into that very same experience.

In 2003 the Lord moved me to record a CD of some of the songs I had written over the years. To help in the effort I brought together several of the musicians I’ve been privileged to work with over the years and to my surprise out of that effort The Scott Day Band was born. I now know the reason God had us record that CD was not just to create a CD but mainly to create a band. We’ve spent the time since then traveling to churches, coffeehouses and anyplace else that would have us just to see God touch people’s lives as we lift up our voices together in songs of praise to Him. We are changed in His presence and who among us isn’t in need of some changing?

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Tony is originally from Beltsville Maryland. Tony met his wife Tracie while they were both enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and married in 1989. Though Tony had a belief in Christ as a child, he committed his life to the Lord at the age of 20. Music has been a part of his life since childhood, playing in various bands and orchestras through high school. At St. Mary's College of Maryland, Tony was a member of the Jazz and Wind Ensembles, playing the string bass and the bass guitar. After graduation, Tony stopped playing for several years until the Lord provided the opportunity and prompting to play in the worship team at his church.

“I pray that the Lord will continue to use me as an instrument in His hands. My personal mission is to be a voice of truth for the Lord Jesus Christ both inside and outside of the body of Christ, utilizing my entire God given talents to honor Him in worship and to lead others to His promises.”

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Gayle’s story is one, similar to Scott’s, of growing up surrounded by music—listening to it, years of training and practice, and performing in community and school bands and at church. Music seemed to be as genetically inherited as involvement in the Methodist church, but she left it all for a time, only to discover at the end of that road that God’s love was worth so much more than temporary pleasures. It was then that she recognized God’s plan and purpose for the gifts He had given, and for more than 30 years she has used her abilities to bring Him glory and minister to others.

“I believe that music in all of its forms is simply a container for a message from the heart of a songwriter that can either free the human soul or lead it into destruction. God-inspired songs will set a captive free because His Word is the truth. I believe that the church is not a building, but is the living Body of Christ—people with a wide variety of gifts and missions. God wants His people to permeate every realm of life with His yoke-destroying presence, and I believe the Scott Day Band (SDB) has set out to do just that.”

Gayle is the band’s keyboardist and is a music minister, songwriter, and has recorded two albums. She also sang background vocals on SDB’s first album.

Gayle and her husband of more than 30 years have two grown children, and they became grandparents in 2010.

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Throughout his childhood Tim has been involved in music in numerous organizations. As a resident of Taneytown, Maryland, Tim has been enhancing his drumming talents in groups such as the William F. Myers and Sons Marching Band, Lancers Drum and Bugle Corps, Westminster Municipal Band, Mayberry Church of God Concert Band and Francis Scott Key High School Marching, Jazz and Concert Bands. Tim is also a member of the Mayberry First Church of God in Westminster, Maryland where he is the drummer for his worship group and has played in the Churches of God General Conference Youth Worship Team in Findley Ohio. As a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Tim is looking forward to a new chapter in his life with his lovely wife Keeley, and knows God will be able to provide for them.

“I am very thankful for all the gifts God has provided for me. I am truly blessed that he has given me the opportunity to share my gift with others to help spread His word through music. I know that he will be there everyday for me and I trust in him always.”

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As a teenager, Kris Swenson first played lead guitar with Tempered Fire, a garage band from Canton, Ohio. By the time he was 20, broke and jobless, he moved to Maryland, where he not only found work, but a relationship with Jesus Christ. Kris began playing guitar with the Knight Brothers, and then performed with Scott in the bands Starlight and Sojourner. He made a cameo appearance on SDB's first album, and is now the band's "rockin" lead guitarist.

"The purpose of worship, praise, and musicians is to be priests that the power of God can flow through, like those in II Chronicles 5:11-14, and Chapter 20," Kris says. "Don't just go to church, BE the church," is his favorite saying.

Kris is an ordained minister and the Maryland State Director for World Ministry Fellowship. He is married to Scott's sister (now SDB's keyboardist).

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Jess is a born-again Christian who grew up surrounded by music. A French and Spanish teacher in Frederick County, she is always involving music in her lessons. She has been playing the piano for over 20 years, and played the flute in the high school band. At her church in Walkersville, MD, Jess is a leader in the music ministry with her husband and enjoys singing and song writing very much. A “shower singer” without much of a formal vocal background, Jess discovered her voice through singing about her love for Christ. She is very excited to be the newest member of The Scott Day Band.

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Christy has been involved in music in many forms since she was young. Through the years of many piano lessons (painful for her and more painful for her mother who taught her) and other experiences through music, she has found her true passion -- Praise & Worship. After a stint as their worship leader, Christy currently plays keyboards on the worship team at New Day Ministries in Middletown, Maryland.

“There is nothing better than being in the holiest of holies and praising Jesus through an instrument. It is to the Lord I give all the glory for what talents that I possess. Since 1988 I’ve also been blessed with an amazing husband – Ken – who has been and still is my best friend. My life would not be what it is today without his amazing friendship. I am also blessed with two amazing children – Kevin & April. They make me smile and laugh every day and always keep me grounded. I am always amazed at God’s grace and mercy – He is my Rock and my Salvation.”

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Though born in Oregon, Cindi has also lived in Wisconsin, Georgia, Virginia and now Maryland where she married her husband, Don, in 1976. Cindi is the mother of three and grandmother of two. Cindi grew up with a love for Motown. Though she never played an instrument growing up she has been constantly singing. She had always been told by her friends to find a band where her vocal talents could be used. At age 33 she came to know the Lord and found the reason why God had given her the voice she has. Currently she sings on the worship team at Redeemer International Family Church. Cindi has received an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Vision International University.

"My desire to sing comes from the Throne of Grace. I believe the pain and sorrow I have had personally as a child and adult, has added to any depth I might have in my heart and is released through my voice. My desire is to minister in song in such a way that people would "feel" Jesus' arms around them, feel His joy in their existence and sense the unfailing love that our Father God "feels" for us. It's nice to hear from people that my voice is good, but I really want to hear them say, "I felt the Lord in the room when you sang, and I am changed."

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