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Band Testimonials

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"reports all the way up to Manchester are coming in about how "AWESOME " the night was... and yesterday JOdi was in the Church office and one of the people that were at the Isaiah that night came bursting in telling everyone there how awesome the night was..(the Pastor was there!!) It is always good that he gets such good reports about us!!  We LOVE YOU GUYS and the SCOTT DAY BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gina & Bob



"Praise God, Scott! I enjoy your company on Friday mornings and I really like your CD on my drive home from work. It lets me forget the problems of my day and focus on my love of God and His Love for me! Thank you for that gift!" - Bill F




I was there at the concert that you guys performed at Blue Ridge Summit. My entire family loved your music, and we think you guys are great. My sons were the ones getting in the middle of the isle trying to dance to the music. We hope to be seeing and hearing a whole lot more of you guys. Your awesome.

Praise the Lord!!!



Thank you so much for leading us in worship Saturday night. I have never, and I mean never felt the presence that I felt Saturday night sitting there in front of your Band. I did not want it to stop. As I continue to think about that experience I had while you were singing about falling down on our faces I consider that song about standing in the presence of God, you know about if I will stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall. You really brought the Holy Ghost out in your worship.

I have heard nothing but praise from your service and I think there are many disappointed souls because they did not come out and worship with us. I beat they won’t miss the next one.

Thank you again for coming to Bless us with your bands gifts.

May the Lord continue to Bless you and your Ministry and continue to anoint you as you build His Kingdom

Please express my deepest thanks to your members, Christy, Tony, Cindi, Tim and Bill for sharing their gifts

Your brother in Christ
Rob E.

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